Meet Our Coaches

Davin J. Salvagno

Davin Salvagno is President and Founder of PurposePoint. He is a professional speaker, certified leadership coach, and business consultant. Having spent two decades serving in various leadership roles in marketing, operations, human resources, and finance for Fortune 100 companies, he leverages his unique experience to make a greater impact in the lives of others by partnering with organizations who are passionate about investing in the development of their people.

Davin is also a channel partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies, renowned for the Situational Leadership Model SLII®. Additionally, he is a longtime student and teacher of the works of Stephen Covey, Patrick Lencioni, John C. Maxwell, and Markus Buckingham. He has an unstoppable passion for leadership, personal and professional development, and community growth. He currently serves as a Board Member for Baker College School of Business, as Vice Chair of the Economic and Workforce Development Committee for Auburn Hills Michigan, as an Ambassador of the C12 Group - one of the nation's largest CEO peer advisory groups, and is an active leader in the revitalization of Detroit, “America’s Comeback City.”

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Wesley Sparks

Wesley Sparks is the Founder and Managing Partner of Weslane Consulting. He is a retired Army field grade officer who served in Airborne infantry units, graduated US Army Ranger school, and earned two Bronze Stars for his deployments to Afghanistan. He brings a unique perspective on leadership in crisis based on his experience being injured while leading a unit in the search for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl. While finishing his time in uniform he completed his MBA and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 

Wesley is now an authorized partner and provider of industry standard curriculum like the Everything DiSC® family of assessments and courses as well as Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors™ program. Wesley is passionate about taking leadership development down to “muddy boots” level in organizations, and serving as a catalyst to help them drive growth and sustainability.

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Kimberly Kassner

Kimberly Kassner is the Founder of EmpowerMind and author of You’re a Genius-and I Can Prove It!  Kim created a succesful memory development program while serving in a leadership role at a Fortune 40 company.  She then left the corporate arena to share this process and touch the lives of others. The profound results of her program helped her get featured on over 100 radio and TV shows, including WJR’s Paul W. Smith and Dick Clark’s TV special “America’s Dream Makers.” She now speaks nationally, sharing EmpowerMind’s successes with youth and adults.

Kimberly’s past and present clients include Ford Motor Company, Continental Automotive, Hewlett Packard, Eastern Michigan University, and over 25 school districts. Her overall purpose and passion is to prove, through experiential learning, that her corporate clients and students are geniuses and can each create their own personalized learning system to accomplish more in less time with better results and greater joy.

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Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin, founder of Moved By Purpose, coaches heart-centered women leaders and entrepreneurs who realize they need a different approach to how they achieve and succeed. Through life experiences, professional training and her counterintuitive approach to working with women already considered “successful”, Stephanie guides people to anchor and align their lives in a new way by stepping back from the pace and pressure that got them to their current level of achievements and align with God’s plans and purposes for them. She offers both individual and group coaching through her signature program, “Flow vs. Force”, as well as her newest program, “Soul 2 Soul Marketing”.

After earning her degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University, and working as a social worker, Stephanie realized her higher calling was in coaching. She became a master Certified Life Coach, and has been certified in several assessment models, including DISC. She authored the book The Messy Middle: Encouraging You Through the Frustrating Gap Between Where You Are Now and Where You Want To Be (released April 2018), was interviewed on Entrepreneur on Fire (#1 business podcast on iTunes), and was the featured guest in the top-rated podcast on the Relaunch Show with over 1 million downloads worldwide.

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Andre’ Clemons

André is a renowned Designer, Creative Thinker, and Inventor. Recognized globally as an early pioneer and leader in virtual design, many of his innovative methods have become standards across various industries. André advises top Automotive, Aeronautics, Entertainment and Fashion Brands looking to gain an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. He inspires them to create and innovate to deliver a positive impact.

André is a Detroit native, Cass Tech and University of Michigan graduate. Passionate about the importance of education, he has been working with kids and mentoring others for over 30 years. André has focused on empowering the youth in underserved communities and teaches them how to overcome adversity and leverage it as an advantage. He mentors many young adults and extremely successful individuals that look to grow beyond their public identity. André enjoys traveling, dancing, reading and spending time with his family.

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Coryne Forest

Coryne Forest spent 12 years as a practicing engineer and 13 years in tech leadership before becoming the Deputy Director of Organization Development at a large R&D Center. She is passionate about helping women attain senior leadership positions by working to affect change at the personal, team and organization levels.  She does this by working with clients in the areas of leadership development, emotional intelligence, and resilience skills.

Coryne's engineering background and experience has fed her unique data-driven approach to coaching.  Clients can expect to take self-assessments and 360 degree assessments to increase self-awareness to hone in on what behaviors/skills need further development.  Coryne's educational credentials include a B.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Kettering University, an M.S. in Engineering Management, and her coaching certification from Columbia University. 

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Dr. Josh Wymore

Dr. Josh Wymore (Ph.D, Penn State) is the Senior Executive Director for Spring Arbor University’s Global operations, overseeing 11 adult learning sites across the state of Michigan. He is also an adjunct professor in Spring Arbor’s Master of Organizational Management and Leadership program. Josh writes and teaches on leadership, strengths-based team-building, organizational change, and effective decision-making. 

Josh grew up on a Christian campground in the Texas countryside where the most common forms of entertainment were playing six-man football and chasing armadillos. From there, he would go on to become the first person in his family to graduate from college and would obtain his doctorate before age 30. Throughout his career at multiple nonprofits, he has done everything from coaching leaders to directing million-dollar operations that impact hundreds of students. His passion for purposeful, people-centered leadership is what attracts him to Purpose Point.

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Tom Powers


Tom Powers is the founder and Master Coach for Insight Business Coaching. As a successful entrepreneur of 35 years, Tom has built a variety of businesses from the ground up, ranging from manufacturing to retail and services. Through his personal experience of the financial and relational costs that come with business ownership, Tom discovered a passion for helping business owners find freedom and balance in their work. Specifically, he has developed interactive seminar-based curriculum addressing the challenging areas of business growth acceleration, employee empowerment and time creation. 

There are three primary strategies your business may consider for fostering freedom: 1) Systemizing the work towards empowerment and expansion, 2) Forming quantifiable objectives within your unique business Puzzle of Sales & Marketing, Operations & Service, HR, IT and Finance, and 3) Identifying strategic metrics called the 5 Key Accelerators that grow businesses exponentially with small, measurable changes. Tom’s perspective as an experienced business owner and coach uniquely positions him to benefit and entertain your teams as you guide the future of your business. 

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