Davin Salvagno


Davin Salvagno is a passionate motivational speaker, dynamic leadership coach, and the President & Founder of PurposePoint. Having spent two decades serving in various senior leadership roles in HR, finance, operations, and marketing for Fortune 100 companies, he draws from his expertise and insights in these areas to be a catalyst for organizations who are passionate about investing in their purpose and in the development of their people. 

Davin is most known for his work with organizations in helping them effectively communicate their mission, vision, and values and aides them in bridging generations in their workforce through understanding and mastering what he calls “The Talent Currency Shift.”

Davin is also a partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies, renowned for the Situational Leadership Model SLII®. Additionally, he is a longtime student and teacher of the works of Stephen Covey, Patrick Lencioni, and John C. Maxwell. He has a genuine passion for leadership, personal and professional development, and community growth. Davin is a native of Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in Michigan with his wife Amy and their two children. 

“There are endless possibilities to make a greater impact together when we choose to focus outside of ourselves - This is my philosophy as a husband, father, leader, speaker, writer, and coach. I serve as a catalyst to help others discover their purpose, and encourage them to faithfully walk in it. My aim is to intrigue individuals and organizations to shift their mindsets from being compensatory to being relational, from being transactional to becoming transformational, towards pursuing significance above success.”  ~ Davin Salvagno 

Speaking & Coaching


  • The Talent Currency Shift”
  • Driving Results Through Purpose”
  • “Defining Your Mission, Vision, & Values”
  • “Unleash The Potential Within Your People”
  • “Leading The Next Generation Through Purpose..”
  • ”Personal Development Starts From Within”
  • “Finding Joy In The Journey”
  • ”Success Follows Significance”
  • “Be The Spolight”


  • Situational Leadership SLII®. 
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful People®.
  • Communitcating Effectively (DiSC)
  • Presenting Effectively 
  • Handling Difficult Conversations.
  • The Colaborative Conversation Model.

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