Davin Salvagno

Davin Salvagno is a national public speaker and a dynamic leadership coach. As the founder of PurposePoint, and the visionary behind the Purpose Summit, he is considered an emerging leader in the speaking and coaching community. At their core, his keynotes focus on connecting purpose with organizational health.

He is best known for his work with organizations in helping them effectively develop and communicate their mission, vision, and values, and aides them in unleashing the potential within their teams and reaching peak levels of performance. 

Davin has spent almost two decades serving in various senior leadership roles in HR, operations, marketing, and finance and brings real life insights and expertise to the platform. He is also a channel partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies, an Ambassador of the C12 Group, and a longtime student and facilitator of the works of Stephen Covey and Patrick Lencioni. He has a genuine passion for leadership, personal and professional development, and community growth. 

Davin resides in Michigan, with his wife Amy and their two children, where he currently serves as the Chair of Economic Workforce Development in Auburn Hills and as a member of Oakland County’s Elite 40 under 40 (2019).  

Speaking Topics & Workshops:


  • The Talent Currency Shift”
  • Driving Results Through Purpose”
  • “Defining Your Mission, Vision, & Values”
  • “Unleash The Potential Within Your People”
  • “Leading The Next Generation Through Purpose..”
  • ”Personal Development Starts From Within”
  • “Finding Joy In The Journey”
  • ”Success Follows Significance”
  • “Be The Spolight”


  • Situational Leadership SLII®. 
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful People®.
  • Communitcating Effectively (DiSC)
  • Presenting Effectively 
  • Handling Difficult Conversations.
  • The Collaborative  Conversation Model.

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