What is a Speaker's Fellowship?


More than a Speaker's Bureau

If you are an experienced Speaker, than it is likely that you are or have been a member of a few Speaker's Bureaus. But for what Purpose? 

  • Are you a member simply to land another speaking engagement?
  • Are you receiving support, feedback, and encouragement from other Speakers?
  • Are you in it for yourself, or for the impact you can make in the lives of others through your message?


Fullfilling Your Purpose

If you have been given the gift of speaking, a skill which empowers you to do something more people fear than death itself, have you asked yourself how you are using that gift? 

  • Do you have a platform to use your gift to fulfill the fullness of your Purpose?
  • Do you have a a fellowship of like minded Speakers who see their gift the same way, who challenge you, sharpen you, and support you? 


Common Vision & Values

We are a Speaker's Fellowship who live out Godly Values in all we do.

We are a "For Profit", for a Purpose greater than ourselves. 

We believe that more important than who our Speakers are, or what they say, is the impact that is made through them and the lives that are transformed because of them. 


Collaboration Over Competition

Our fellowship of speakers and coaches sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron. We work in collaboration to make a greater impact together and spur others on to win the race set out before them. 

Others Before Ourselves

We do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility we consider others better than ourselves. We each look not to our own interests, but to the interests of others. 

Significance Above Success

More important than what we say, or any accolades we receive, is the impact we have on those who are listening. The true measure of our success is who we help others become.  

Transformational Over Transactional

We create transformational experiences, not transactional moments. We provide content that is focused on positively impacting our audiences and clients, and not on selling ourselves.